The Fine Options for You to Be A Good Uncle

be an awesome uncle

All psychologists will tell you, the keys to happiness are essentially in the quality of relationships that we have with loved ones. Nowadays, family members often live far apart. Some relationships sometimes degrade, others disappear completely.

If you have nieces or nephews, you have in your hands the possibility of stopping remoteness and giving a new dynamic to the intergenerational relations of your clan. Uncles generally have a unique and decisive role to play in a family. They are older than their nieces and nephews, without being directly related to parents or grandparents. In short, they perfectly embody the role of mentor, even male referent (in addition to the father, of course). Younger than grandparents and more fun than parents, the uncle has the opportunity to play a perfect role, provided he knows the keys to be a good uncle this is essential.

By living out of the parental home, therefore, uncles inherently enjoy an aura, that of the cool guy, for you to fully enjoy and not to disappoint in this role. Let’s take a look at some simple tips that will make you the dreamed uncle.

The importance of interactions

At family gatherings, it is quite tempting to let the children together while the adults gather. Take the time to look at the kids, ask what they want to do in life, find out what they like at school, what they want for their birthday etc.

The important thing is not the subject but the sincerity that you put in it, you really need to be interested in these issues and your nephew / niece will feel this sincere approach.

Remember that children prefer to play that chat; do not miss an opportunity to play with them. There are different ways to be a great uncle also.

Keep them from time to time

be a good uncleIf you do not live far away, offer to keep them from time to time. This is a great opportunity to spend time and play with your nephews and nieces. Teach them cool stuff, watch cartoons with them, play games with them, and more. But don’t try to speak with them about sex, and show porno xxx videos, you are not a parent; you only half represent the authority, take advantage of it to take the role of “nice uncle”. To be an awesome uncle this is important.

Be fun

Show them magic tricks; tell jokes, put on the Uncle Funny side. It’s a must; try to be the uncle you would have dreamed of having when you were little.

Important moments

Be there or at least show that you think of them in important moments: birthdays, sports competitions etc. Take the opportunity to be considerate, also try to bring your nieces and nephews small gifts from time to time.

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