Can You Really Drink Soda at the Time of Being Pregnant

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Drinking light sodas and other beverages full of sweeteners during pregnancy would have adverse effects on the baby’s development, drastically increasing the risk of obesity.

They are often thought to be less harmful than their traditional counterparts, and yet. Light sodas and other “zero calorie “drinks that are largely sweetened with sweeteners would be particularly bad for your health. They would upset the appetite and increase the risk of glucose intolerance, a harbinger of diabetes.

To live your pregnancy with serenity, it is important to take care of your health. And this also concerns food, even drinks. You cannot eat or drink anything. Thus, soft drinks, if they are not to be avoided, are not necessarily recommended for pregnant women.

drinks sodas during pregnancy

Soft drinks: bad sugars

While it is not strictly forbidden for drinking cokes while pregnant, you must remain vigilant about the amount of sugar they contain. Indeed, sodas tend to be very sweet, and you should not abuse sugar when you are pregnant; otherwise, the risks of gestational diabetes increase sharply, as do the extra pounds that are so difficult to separate afterwards. Sweeteners are not recommended either, even if no study has proved a real harm.

Soft drinks: acid reflux and bloating

During pregnancy, digestion is sometimes very disturbed. Pregnant women are often prone to acid reflux or bloating. Soft drinks can accentuate this problem. The gas they contain makes the belly swell. Their acidity can also cause heartburn, especially if the drink is drunk before bedtime.

Pregnancy: what to drink?

Alcohol, caffeinated beverages and soft drinks sodas during pregnancy are avoided. Water is obviously preferred when you are pregnant, preferably flat. We can also turn to fruit juices, but paying attention to their concentration in sugar and without abusing it.

These aspartame or stevia drinks would be even more problematic for the pregnant woman. In utero exposure to fake sugar, the baby would then be more likely to be overweight. In any case, this is the conclusion of a recent Canadian study.

Between 2009 and 2012, 3,300 pregnant women had to complete a detailed questionnaire throughout their pregnancy on their diets. On the entire panel, 30% of expectant mothers noted that they regularly drink soda when pregnant.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind. That is when you can come up with the right results. This comes perfect for you. The options are perfect.

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