When to Start Disciplining Baby

start disciplining baby

Around 9-10 months, the baby becomes aware of his body and acquires more autonomy. It moves alone, crawling or on all fours, clings to furniture and seizes everything that comes within reach to ensure its safety but also your peace, it becomes necessary to impose limits. What are the most important and how to be heard?

“At nine months, and more generally before the age of two or three, the child understands the” No, but his need to experiment dominates,” says the expert, pediatric nurse and former director of nurseries. “He can repeat the same gesture twenty times to observe its effects, including the repetition of the forbidden.” This is the age to start disciplining your child.

Discipline for baby: setting limits

According to the expert, if it is illusory to hope to enforce rules for the youngest, this should not prevent parents from setting limits: “Whatever the age of the child, and even if do not understand, it must be systematically stopped if it hurts voluntarily , if it hurts another living being or if it is in the destruction. For the rest, everything depends on the patience and the time that the parents can devote to his education.” You should start disciplining your baby.

Enforcing rules is essential both for safety and to adapt to family and social life. Some of the behaviors that can be problematic include:

  • The discovery of the stairs which presents a real danger but which you can accompany
  • The shredding of BD is not always repairable
  • Mashing

Cries at the checkout of the supermarket

You can say “No” but will never be sure of being listened to. The discipline aims to give him habits for everyday life. The ideal is to establish these rules before they have been transgressed. It is also rewarding for a child to overcome frustration due to a ban. This frustration is part of the construction of the child’s intelligence, learning and stimulates his imagination. This is the age baby’s start understanding discipline

baby’s start understanding discipline

Rules for baby: how to enforce them?

If you really do not want the baby to grab an object or attempt a dangerous exercise, the safest solution is to prevent his behavior from being tempted. Hide or put out of reach fragile objects (in a closet, height) and prevent access to spaces that present a danger when you are not at his side (closed door, barrier) .

To achieve your ends, it is better to use persuasion than force. You can explain to him the reasons that lead you to prohibit certain things, so that he understands. Tell him that these rules apply to everyone, big and small. It is also necessary that both parents agree on the prohibitions and their respective roles in relation to them.

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